Full Body Adjustment

This treatment includes adjusting the joints of your spine and extremities where signs of restriction in movement are found, improving mobility, and relieving pain. This procedure can manage arthritis, frequent headaches, joint pain and dysfunction, lower back or neck pain, sciatica, muscle aches. Also, chiro adjustment can speed up healing after an accident or whiplash

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is a perfect addition to chiropractic care. Since muscles are attached to bones and joints it is very important for them to be relaxed and stretched to aid in the adjustments to the skeletal system. It helps to treat conditions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, digestive problems.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

One modality that Ageless Body Clinic provides is electric muscle stimulation, known as EMS. EMS therapy is used before a traditional spinal adjustment if the patient exhibits pain, spasms in the muscles, soreness in their tendons. EMS uses a machine which is connected to electrodes, or pads that adhere to the skin. The immediate results are pain relief in the muscle or tendon, which relaxes them for the traditional chiropractic adjustment.

Posture Correction

If you are looking for the fastest and effective way of correcting your posture, chiropractic treatment is your way to go. At Ageless Body Clinic we can help you correct poor posture such as forward head translation or slouching and realign your spine to assure that the body is functioning optimally. Our professional therapists will assist you to correct your posture with special exercises, traction, and adjustments to realign the spine. Also, we employ iTrac Extension Traction Therapy System which is a modern and effective tool for restoring cervical curves and reducing forward head posture.


  • Chiro Adjustment New Patient Adult

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  • Chiro Adjustment Established Patient Adult

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  • Chiro Adjustment Child (0-17)

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  • posture correction
  • Chiro Adjustment/iTrac/Decompression

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  • Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes

  • Therapeutic Massage 45 minutes

  • Therapeutic Massage 30 minutes