Food Sensitivity & Allergy

Food Sensitivity & Allergy

$330.00 per session
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  • Duration: 20 min

We’re here to help diagnose and treat your food sensitivities. We do this by using comprehensive food sensitivity testing to identify the foods that should be eliminated or limited in your diet. It will identify which foods and chemicals your body is reactive, moderately reactive, or non-reactive to.

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When will I know the results of my allergy blood test?

You may need to wait several days for the results of your allergy blood test, though it could take more or less time.

What do allergy blood test results mean?

Everyone has some IgE in their blood, but elevated levels may indicate an allergy. Different labs use different brands of allergy blood tests, so the “scoring” system for results can vary from brand to brand. Allergy blood tests don’t indicate the severity of an allergy. So if you do have an allergy, talk to your doctor about the risk of anaphylaxis. You may need to carry an emergency epinephrine injection with you at all times.

Do allergy blood tests ever deliver false-positive results?

About 50% to 60% of all allergy blood tests give false-positive results. False-positive results show you have an allergy even when you don’t. Sometimes false positives happen if your body is reacting slightly to substances in certain foods you’ve eaten recently.