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Female Laser Hair Removal Full Body

Female Laser Hair Removal Full Body

$495.00 per session
Duration: 180 min

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Laser hair removal is one of the ways to remove body hair. This is a modern and effective method, which is carried out with the help of a special device. The device acts as follows — the effect of light pulses destroys the hair follicle, and the hair stops growing.

How does laser hair removal work?

The ray of the device directionally affects the coloring pigment — melanin. Under the influence of a laser, melanin is destroyed, damaging the bulbs of the hairline. After that, within a few days, the hair falls out along with the root.

The laser only affects the hair in the growth stage. But there are also dormant follicles that remain intact. After some time, they "wake up", and hair begins to grow out of them. Therefore, for the most effective result, laser hair removal is always carried out in a course of several visits.

How many times do you need to undergo the procedure?

Depending on the area of hair removal, you may need four to six treatments at intervals of four to eight weeks.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:

· Painlessness — of course, each person has a different pain threshold, and someone may feel discomfort even from laser hair removal. However, this one is less painful than, for example, waxing.
· Long-term result: if you complete a full course of procedures prescribed by a specialist, then unwanted hair will no longer bother you.
· Versatility — almost any part of the body is suitable for laser hair removal: arms, legs, bikini area, armpits, face. The only place where the procedure is not carried out is the eyelids and the area around the eyes.
· Before the procedure, you do not need to grow your hair — just use a razor before the session.
· If the procedure is carried out correctly, the appearance of side effects, burns, scars is excluded.
· Does not provoke ingrown hairs


As with any cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal has its contraindications. For everything to be successful, the preparation for laser hair removal must be done correctly. Before the procedure, a consultation with a specialist is required to find out about the personal tolerability of the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Ageless Body Clinic

Our clinic offers laser hair removal for the whole body. You can make an appointment using the phone number on the website, or text us on social medias, and we will call you back.


How long will it take to remove my body hair?

Depending on the area of hair removal, you may need about four to six treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Yes, laser removal does cause discomfort, but it typically causes much less discomfort than other forms of hair removal, especially waxing. Many individuals describe laser hair removal as akin to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against your skin.

When will I see the results after having laser hair removal?

You will likely see the results immediately after treatment. The results vary from patient to patient. The color and thickness of your hair, area treated, type of laser used, and color of your skin all affect the results. You can expect a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment. To remove the hair, most patients need 2 to 6 laser treatments. After finishing the treatments, most patients do not see any hair on the treated skin for several months or even years. When the hair regrows, there tends to be less of it. The hairs also tend to be finer and lighter in color.

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