IV cocktail

IV cocktail

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  • Duration: 60 min

Nutrient IV therapy is the fastes, most effective way to optimize your vitamin, nutrient and mineral levels to rapidly replenish your health and revitalize your entire body. By instantly infusing essential ingredients straight into your system, you can bypass the gut and guarantee optimal absorbtion. IV therapy is scientifically shown to alleviate symptoms and revers conditions related to stress, sleep. moods, migranies, depression and autoimmune disorders. Revel in relaxation and indulge in the bliss of our spa-like setting as you re-hydrate and recharge.

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What do you feel after IV therapy?

You'll start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration and electrolytes. Most patients leave our clinic feeling energized and refreshed and enjoy the benefits for some time after treatment. There are no harmful side effects.

Do I need to prepare for IV treatment? Can you eat before an infusion?

No special preparation is needed before your infusion.

Does IV therapy work for weight loss?

IV therapy can help you lose weight, but typically only when done with other weight-loss programs, such as a diet or workout. It's a supplementary benefit to an existing health plan because it gives the body a boost of vitamins and minerals that help it function at its best.