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Venus Bliss

Venus Bliss

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Cosmetology is constantly improving and offers new technologies for skin rejuvenation and improvement at any age. The latest methods of work allow cosmetologists to work miracles and help clients stay young and beautiful for a long time.

What is the Venus bliss device?

Venus bliss is a modern apparatus that is used for non-invasive lipolysis and skin lifting. This means that it helps to fight body fat and cellulite, and also contouring the body. During the procedure, two technologies are used at once. One of them is laser-cooled, it is used to get rid of the fat on the abdomen and hips. The second is using vacuum and pulsed electromagnetic fields. It stimulates muscles and helps to achieve lifting effect.

What are the advantages of the Venus bliss device?

Double exposure to the skin helps to achieve the effect as quickly as possible and solve problems with body fat, relief and skin tone.

The venus bliss device helps many people to get rid of unwanted volumes, contoured body and make the skin more elastic, smooth and soft. The effect will be noticeable after several procedures.

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