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Benjamin Petrolati, P.T.

Physical Therapist

Benjamin Petrolati was born and raised in France, he first studied at the University of Medicine and Physical Therapy School in Nancy and graduated in 2006 and moved on to Paris to study at The Osteopathic School (in partnership with The British School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, UK) where he graduated in 2011.

Ben ran his own very successful clinic in France for over 10 years and then was able to realize his long time dream of moving to America (Miami). Ben and his wife Caroline brought their three children and now live and work in South Florida.

Ben has continued his studies here and also has certification as a Sports Physical Therapist, Ben’s unique approach is to diagnose each person and treat the root of the problem; he is living his dream. He builds trust and educates his patients so that they can help in their own recovery.

Physical therapy License PT37178
State of Florida

Massage therapy License MA92229
State of Florida

University Diploma Isokinetism 2016-2017
Lille 2 University of health and Law France

Sport Osteopathy Certification
Montpellier Faculty of Sports

University Diploma Sport Physical therapy 2013-2014
Lille 2 University of health and Law France

Diploma in Osteopathy 2006-2011
French Higher Osteopathic Conservatory Paris France

Physical therapy degree 2003-2006
Physical therapy school Nancy France

Faculty of Medecine 2001-2003
Henri Poincare University Nancy France

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