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Laser hair removal is a modern method of removing body hair, in addition, it is also effective. The procedure is carried out with the help of a special device, the ray of which affects the melanin — coloring pigment. The laser penetrates the bulb of the hairline and destroys it from the inside, preventing hair growth in the future.

It is worth noting that the laser affects only the hair in the growth stage. But there are also dormant follicles that remain intact. After some time, they “wake up”, and hair begins to grow out of them. Therefore, for the most effective result, laser hair removal is always carried out in a course of several visits. As a rule, it can be from four to six procedures.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

· Long-lasting effect
· After the procedure, there is no feeling of dryness and tightness
· No ingrown hairs
· The hairs do not break off
· Unpleasant sensations are minimal

How to prepare for the procedure?

· Do not sunbathe
· The day before the procedure, adjust the length of the hair on the area of the intended treatment with a razor. The length of the hair should be at least 2 and not more than 5 millimeters. At the consultation, the cosmetologist will announce the exact length, depending on the selected area: arms, legs, face, bikini area, etc.
· Do not use spray tan
· You need to visit a dermatologist in advance and determine whether there are some contraindications
· At least 3 weeks before the session, you should not remove the hair from the root, that is, pull it out, you need to preserve the structure of the hair
· A few days before the procedure, you should not apply new care cosmetics on those parts of the body that will be exposed to the laser. This is due to the possible unpredictable reaction of the skin to an unfamiliar remedy.

How long after the procedure does the hair disappear?

At the first session, you can get rid of 10-25% of hair. To completely remove the hair, the patient needs from three to six procedures. The results may vary depending on the color and thickness of the hair, the treated area, and the device itself.
After completing the course, approximately 90% of the vegetation is removed. The rest of the hair grows slower, but in smaller amounts, thinner and lighter in color. To eliminate them and maintain the result, you should undergo correction at least once a year.

Laser Hair Removal in Ageless Body Clinic

Our clinic offers laser hair removal of legs and back. You can make an appointment using the phone number on the website, or text us on social medias, and we will call you back.

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60 min

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This comprehensive policy ensures clients are informed of the terms and conditions regarding appointments, cancellations, and refunds at Ageless Body Clinic, promoting a smooth and efficient service experience.