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Venus Legacy – Medium size area



20 min

Who hasn’t dreamed of a perfect body?

The venus legacy apparatus helps to adjust the body shape without surgery by simultaneous exposure to heat and vacuum. Using this procedure, you can:

· Adjust the body shape;
· Reduce body volumes;
· Reduce abdomen, including after childbirth; Remove cellulite;
· Tighten the skin.

Venus legacy technology helps to slow down skin aging and normalize metabolic processes. Thanks to this, the body looks more fit, slim and embossed.

Advantages of the Venus Legacy?

The main advantage is that it can be used for almost any area of the body, including the facial area. So, for example, you can remove the double chin with it.

The venus legacy apparatus is a modern and effective way to create a beautiful figure and smooth and beautiful skin.

The effect of using this apparatus will be noticeable after several procedures. The session itself is comfortable and painless.

  • How long do Venus legacy results last?
  • Is Venus Legacy painful?
  • What is Venus Legacy Good For?

20 min

Booking Policy

  • Clients must provide a valid credit card to secure their appointment at Ageless Body Clinic.
  • The card is charged only if cancellation policy terms are breached.
  • Appointments will be automatically cancelled if policy agreement and credit card details are not received 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Cancellation Policy

  • Clients should notify the clinic 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • For Procedures: A $150 fee will be charged for cancellations or no-shows within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • For Consultations: A $50 deposit is required, forfeited for cancellations or no-shows within 24 hours.

Consultation Deposit

  • The $50 deposit will be deducted from the treatment cost if the client proceeds.
  • If the client does not proceed, the deposit covers the consultation cost.

No-Show Policy

  • Failure to arrive for a scheduled appointment without prior notice will invoke the cancellation policy.

Late Arrival Policy

  • Arrivals more than 1 hour late without 24-hour notice are treated as no-shows, incurring a $150 fee or forfeiting the $50 consultation deposit.
  • For late arrivals within 1 hour, the clinic will attempt to accommodate; however, appointments may be rescheduled or shortened without additional charges.


  • The clinic may make exceptions for severe weather, illness, or other emergencies.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds are provided for services or products; only exchanges are allowed.
  • A 10% administrative fee applies to all refunds.
  • Emergency-based refunds require verifiable documentation and are subject to a review process (up to 48 hours).

This comprehensive policy ensures clients are informed of the terms and conditions regarding appointments, cancellations, and refunds at Ageless Body Clinic, promoting a smooth and efficient service experience.