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Laser Permanent Makeup Removal Eyeliner

Laser Permanent Makeup Removal Eyeliner

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Is it possible to remove permanent eye makeup?

Women always strive to look beautiful. The modern rhythm of life makes them always be in a hurry. But there is less and less time left to maintain beauty. Permanent makeup helps women always look beautiful, impressive, and bright. Permanent eyeliner emphasizes the look and makes it more expressive. Women do not have to waste time applying decorative cosmetics.

Sometimes there is a need to remove permanent eye makeup. That is when the laser comes to the rescue.

The area around the eyes is very sensitive and needs to be treated carefully. Laser removal is a safe procedure that will completely remove the paint from your skin. 

What are the advantages of permanent eye makeup laser removal?

  • The laser effectively breaks up the pigment and helps to quickly achieve a noticeable result;
  • It does not leave scars and marks on the skin and affects only the pigment itself;
  • Removes permanent makeup equally well on both light and dark skin.

The laser breaks up the pigment particles, and they are excreted through the lymphatic system. The procedure uses special eye shields for protection. Immediately after the session, a slight swelling is possible, but it goes away quickly enough.



Depending on the type of permanent makeup and the amount of pigment, a different number of procedures are required. Before the first session, you need to consult with a specialist.

After the permanent makeup removal procedure

  • It is not allowed to visit the sauna, swimming pool and beach
  • It is not recommended to apply makeup for several days after the procedure
  • Before leaving the house, you should always apply SPF30-50 

Follow the recommendations of a post-procedure care specialist and you will definitely get the result you want. 

We perform the removal of permanent eye makeup using the PIQo4 device. This is a modern and innovative device that allows you to achieve the desired result efficiently and quickly. The pigment is completely removed, and the effect of the device does not leave scars or marks. PIQo4 is a high-tech device that is recognized worldwide as one of the best for performing various laser cosmetic procedures and manipulations.

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