Routine Blood Test

Routine Blood Test

$110.00 per session
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  • Duration: 20 min
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What can cause environmental allergies?

Environmental allergies are an immune response to something in your surroundings that's typically otherwise harmless. Symptoms of environmental allergies vary from person to person but can include sneezing, coughing, and fatigue. Most people with seasonal allergies develop them by age 20.

Can you develop allergies later in life?

Allergies can develop at any point in a person’s life. One factor that increases your chance is your family history. If one parent is allergic there is a 30-50% chance of their offspring developing allergies. This jumps to 60-80% if both parents are allergic. In many cases, allergies first present early in life, during infancy or the toddler years. Most of these allergies will be lifelong concerns, although some can resolve on their own.

What are the advantages of taking the blood tests?

While skin testing may seem like the way to go, there are advantages to blood testing that skin testing simply cannot provide. Patients with severe allergies who cannot stop taking medication can benefit from continuing their medication while undergoing a blood test. Additionally, patients with sensitive skin (dermatographia) or hives, can produce false positive results on a skin test, reducing the test’s reliability. Furthermore, patients with eczema or those with severe allergic reactions are also better candidates for blood testing.