$1,265.00 per session
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  • Duration: 180 min

SmoothGlo is a brand new skin treatment protocol that utilizes two proven technologies delivered sequentially in one session that results in visibly fuller, brighter, firmer, and more youthful looking skin.

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Am I a candidate for SmoothGlo?

You are a good candidate for SmoothGlo treatment if you suffer from skin pigmentation and would like to improve the overall texture, volume, and appearance of your skin.

What is the interval between SmoothGlo treatments?

Typically, patients need 3 treatments performed once a week, and an additional 2 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart. After you complete your 5 sessions, it is recommended you receive 2 maintenance sessions a year.

What to expect after treatment?

Your skin will feel warm for a few hours after treatment. You may experience redness and mild swelling for up to 4 days after treatment. Minor scabbing will develop on the treatment areas which will naturally heal and shed off a week after treatment. Your overall skin texture may feel dry and like sandpaper, but these are normal side effects that will subside after 4-7 days of treatment.