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Blood Tests

  • Disease Detection and Diagnosis

    Disease Detection and Diagnosis

    Blood tests can detect various diseases, infections, and medical conditions by measuring specific markers, such as blood cell counts, hormone levels, enzymes, or antibodies. They aid in diagnosing conditions like diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, and liver or kidney diseases.

  • Overall Health Evaluation

    Overall Health Evaluation

    Blood tests provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's health status, including organ function, nutritional deficiencies, immune system response, and inflammation levels. They can identify underlying health issues, guide health management strategies, and promote overall well-being.

  • Personalized Healthcare

    Personalized Healthcare

    Blood tests help healthcare providers tailor treatment plans and interventions based on individual needs. They assist in identifying genetic markers, drug sensitivities, or specific health conditions that may require personalized approaches to care.

Blood Tests Services

Blood test services involve the collection and analysis of blood samples to assess various aspects of health, such as
blood cell counts, hormone levels, cholesterol, liver function, and more, providing valuable information for diagnosis,
monitoring, and preventive care.

Food Sensitivity Test

A blood test can measure your immune system's response to particular foods by measuring the allergy-related antibody known as immunoglobulin E (IgE), as well as through an immunoglobulin blood test to assess overall immune function. For these tests, a blood sample taken in our doctor's office is sent to a medical laboratory, where different foods can be tested along with a comprehensive evaluation of your immune system's antibodies. This approach provides a detailed understanding of both specific food allergies and broader immune health.

Food Sensitivity Test
Micronutrient Test

The Micronutrient Test measures your body's ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This non-fasting blood test tells if you have a vitamin deficiency and gives you a plan for how to correct it.

Micronutrient Test
Yeast & Intestinal Immunity Panels

Yeast and intestinal immunity panels are used to help identify the cause of patients suffering from the effects of gut dysbiosis, a disturbance of the gut microbiome.  Microbial dysregulation within the gut is an important contributing factor in a wide range of disorders.  Food sensitivities, environmental toxins, stress, prolonged use of antibiotics and genetic predisposition may contribute to gut dysbiosis.

Yeast & Intestinal Immunity Panels
Blood Test

A blood test, also known as a blood panel or blood work, is a medical procedure that involves collecting a sample of blood from a person to analyze various components and markers within the blood. It is a common diagnostic tool used by healthcare providers to assess an individual's overall health, monitor specific conditions, and detect potential abnormalities or diseases.

Blood Test

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