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$250.00 per session
Duration: 70 min

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Endosphere therapy for the whole body

Modern cosmetology is aimed at keeping skin young and healthy. But there are also technologies that help to reduce the body volume and adjust the figure.

Endosphere therapy is an innovative apparatus technology that allows you to adjust the figure and rejuvenate the skin on the face. Thus, with the help of one apparatus, you can affect the whole body at once.

What problems does endospheres therapy help with?

· Remove cellulite;
· Bring blood vessels and muscles into tone;
· Improve lymph outflow;
· Tighten the skin and give it a fresh look;
· A healing effect on the whole body.

After a course of endosphere therapy, you can notice the effect and lose a couple of pounds. The body fat will decrease, and the skin will become more even and elastic.

Endosphere therapy uses two methods at once: micro-vibrations and compression. This accelerates metabolic processes in the body, eliminates stagnation and toxins, and help to produce collagen and elastin in cells. This is an effective technology that will help to quickly adjust the figure and bring it into tone, as well as rejuvenate and refresh the skin of the face.

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