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10 tips for weight loss without harm to health

Many people suffer from being overweight or just dream to throw a couple of extra pounds. However not everyone knows how to lose weight without harm to the body and make sure that the achieved result does not return to the original mark on the scales again. 

Set up a drinking regime
Many scientists have repeatedly proved that maintaining the water balance brings great benefits to the body. 

Don’t forget about the “rule of the plate”
What is it? Place a medium plate in front of you. Visually divide it into 2 equal parts, then one of these parts in half again. Thus, half of the plate should be fresh vegetables, and the other half, divided in half again should be proteins and complex carbohydrates. Thus, you will get the necessary nutrients and will stay full for a long time.

Replace junk food with healthier options 
For example, choose pasta from durum wheat, and replace white bread with whole grain bread. Limit the purchase of sweets and pastry, because in addition to a large amount of sugar, many other harmful ingredients can often be found in product composition. Give preference to homemade food, and replace sweets with dried fruits or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get enough sleep
Everyone, for sure, has at least once heard such an expression as “sleep is the best medicine” and it really is. Give your body a full rest, since regular lack of sleep affects your well-being, as it affects the hormones that control hunger and the feeling of satiety.

Do sports 
Physical activity will help to accelerate metabolism and make your body fit and healthy. To begin with, you can start with the usual morning exercises, and for those who are prohibited from physical activity, we recommend hiking. 

Move more
Few people know that the daily 10,000 steps help your body maintain muscle tone and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Keep a calorie count
Energy value count is one of the most important things in weight loss. Count how many and what foods you eat per day, this will help not to overeat and observe the number of calories per day that are necessary for weight loss. Thanks to a variety of calorie counting apps, you will be able to calculate your calorie rate, taking into account your lifestyle, age, height, and weight. Remember that the body loses weight due to a calorie deficit. 

Don’t overeat
Even if you eat low-calorie foods, always know the measure. You need to have a slight feeling of hunger, it is also important that the last meal is at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Do not forget to chew the food well, so it will be better absorbed, and the feeling of satiety will come sooner. 

Get to know yourself
Introduce the concept of lifestyle medicine into your life and you will understand that the choice of a lifestyle determines the state of your health, body, and quality of life. Come to our clinic, where caring, attentive and
professional specialists will help you determine which area of life to pay attention to so that the weight loss process starts. They will take tests, take analyses and provide support in this hard process.

Love and praise yourself
To lose weight without harm to your health, you need the right time, effort, willpower, and support. Praise yourself for every workout, it will give you confidence and the desire to continue.

Remember that proper and balanced nutrition and self-care are the key to losing weight at any age.

Love yourself and your body and you will succeed!

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