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Laser hair removal in summer

Many people believe that summer is not the right time for laser hair removal and generally recommend performing the procedure in spring or autumn. If it is a matter of urgency and you have decided to do laser hair removal in summer, then you should pay attention to some points and strictly follow the recommendations of specialists.

 Every year there is a growing number of modern equipment that can make any procedure comfortable, safe and fast. Moreover, the latest models of laser equipment have a cooling system that prevents overheating of the skin. When choosing a clinic for laser hair removal in summer, be sure to find out what equipment is used there. To ask all follow-up questions, make a free appointment for a preliminary consultation with a laser hair removal specialist. Ask them to tell you about what lasers are and how they affect the skin.
Modern equipment allows to carry out the procedure of laser hair removal on dark and tanned skin. Therefore, the harm of laser hair removal in summer is nothing but a myth. This procedure can be carried out in summer.  

The “before” and “after” rules

Laser hair removal in summer involves some level of risk, so having decided
on it, do not forget about these rules: 

  • Just Before and right After the laser hair removal procedure, it is recommended not to go to the beach or sunbathe
  • It is also better to stop sunbathing or tanning in the solarium two weeks before the procedure
  • Stop using epilators or wax to remove hair two months before the procedure
  • You can use a razor one day before the procedure
  • If you stay in the sun during the day, protect your skin with clothing and SPF 30-50


One of the main precautions before laser hair removal in summer is to control the time spent in the sun just before the procedure. 

If you have recently returned from vacation with a good tan, it is better to postpone the session. Of course, you can may choose the bikini area and armpits for laser removal, but it is important to take care of your legs and arms.

Each person’s skin is unique; only a specialist can give recommendations and tips on laser hair removal. At the consultation, a specialist will examine your health status and determine how best to remove hair with a laser for you.  

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